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About La Femme Vet Network

La Femme Vet Network creates a platform for and amplifies the voice of military women. We seek to provide women with valuable resources, personalized mentorship, information about services and valuable community connections needed to create an empowered journey toward wholeness.

La Femme Vet Network initiative is led by Ayanna Ahmand, a former United States Army Sergeant. After separation from Active Duty, Ms. Ahmand joined the National Guard, in Jacksonville, FL, where she began her college studies and eventually returned to New York to pursue her Bachelors in Social Work from Lehman College and a Masters in Counseling from Manhattan College. While at Lehman College, Ms. Ahmand began her relationship with the Harlem Vet Center as a Social Work Internship, specializing in counseling sessions, therapy, and mental health conditions. After receiving her Bachelors, Ms. Ahmand pursued the greatest challenge of all, starting a family. Ms. Ahmand’s daughter was born in April 2010. Not one to sit idly, Ms. Ahmand decided to pursue a Masters degree in Counseling and enrolled in graduate school in August 2010, receiving her degree in December 2013.

During her time at Manhattan College, Ms. Ahmand completed her thesis on the relationship between social support and quality of life among veterans suffering from PTSD. So when the opportunity for the position of a Social Service Assistant at St. Albans Community Living Center presented itself, Ms. Ahmand jumped. The St. Albans Community Living Center is a comprehensive psychosocial rehabilitation Domiciliary program, providing incentive therapy, vocational counseling and independent living skills training for veterans seeking to return to independent living. Treatment at the Domiciliary is provided in a holistic, recovery- model- based manner, with particular emphasis on the development and implementation of an individualized treatment plans for psychiatric disorders, substance abuse and chronic homelessness.

In March 2015, Ms. Ahmand returned to the Harlem Vet Center as the Veterans Program Outreach Specialist. While at Harlem Vet Center, one of Ms. Ahmand’s primary focuses is on military women and in a collaborative effort with Harlem Vet Center, Ms. Ahmand created La Femme Vet Network to inspire a greater focus on the power of military women.

La Femme Vet Network is an organization whose mission is to build a platform for and to amplify the voice of military women. With great success, Ms. Ahmand along with a team of professional women from various community agencies held New York City’s first all women veteran conference on March 25, 2016, and a movement was born.


Current Initiatives

La Femme Vet Network Book Club | Money Matters Financial Classes | Veteran Social 2017 | Stand & Salute | Women Warriors

Looking Towards the Future

Creating a league of women who feel unencumbered by their past and excited about their future. Elevate an already robust network of women motivated to spring into action within their communities. Providing services, opportunities, and activities to bring women together to share their collective voice and bring about positive change.  

“The deepest secret is that life is not a process of discovery, but a process of creation. You are not discovering yourself, but creating yourself anew. Seek therefore, not to find out Who You Are, but seek to determine Who You Want to Be.”  

- Neale Donald Walsch