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A Note from Our Founder on Veterans Day


Veterans Day is a day for citizens to render honor and respect to veterans. For me, it is a day that I look forward to spending with my grandfather, a World War II veteran. We plan the entire day and look forward to feeling celebrated.  

Veterans Day is also a day where I get to take a step back and see just how aware, or unaware, people are about what a veteran looks like. As a woman veteran, I am almost always passed over while my grandfather is greeted with, “Thank you for serving.” Veterans come in all shapes, sizes, colors and genders. That's what makes America so great, we all fight together. The reality is that a veteran isn't always a senior citizen and they're not always a man. They very well could be the young lady next door. 

So this Veterans Day, as we recognize our veterans for their service, hold that salute a little longer to honor all who have served.

- Ayanna Ahmand, Sergeant U.S. Army